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Our Company

Replace Consultoria has a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team. Many of our consultants have a wide experience in the commercial area of power utilities and other energy companies. The team is prepared to handle a wide array of energy projects, in order to exceed clients’ needs and expectations.



Institutional Actions

Replace Consultoria provides all necessary support to energy market agents and institutions, such as: ANEEL, State Regulatory Agencies, ELETROBRÁS, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Transmission and Distribution Companies, ONS, CCEE, among others. Replace develops actions and establishes the best negotiation strategies, aiming to solve Regulatory and Commercial issues of both consumers and power generation companies. After interpreting current regulations, Replace prepares necessary requests to both private and government agencies, and acts as a liaison between clients and agencies involved in the regulation of electricity power supply.



In order to keep our customers informed, REPLACE issue newsletters periodically presenting current energy market conditions, energy price trends and energy market regulatory changes. The idea is to present how market changes can affect consumers businesses, as well as risk mitigation alternatives.


Energy Market Studies

The energy market presents several solutions to meet customer needs. This, in turn, requires a constant evaluation of energy generation and distribution costs, as well as energy consumption. The comparative analysis of the various market alternatives points out the best options available at a given moment. The studies identify the optimal energy selling conditions for power generators, and the best purchasing strategy for energy consumers, ensuring supply reliability.


Viability Studies

By enabling our team´s expertise, we carry out technical and economic evaluations to verify the feasibility of implementing power generation projects, energy cogeneration, power transmission or distribution networks connection, among others. We analyze many study aspects: the available options, the investments involved, the implementation schedule, the project benefits and the potential risks to be mitigated. We compare various alternatives for customers´ consideration. The aim is to identify the solution that best meets our clients´ needs, considering implementation risks, operational costs and project reliability.


Energy Management

There is a continuous effort to manage customers´ energy sourcing and sale, with the objective of ensuring contracts compliance according to the negotiated commercial conditions, and at the same time, taking advantage of current market opportunities. REPLACE professionals carefully assess customer requirements (both energy consumption and energy sale contracts) and available resources (energy sourcing or power generation contracts) in order to identify energy needs, market conditions and develop specific actions to ensure minimum costs or maximum sales revenue. Once the actions are defined, the team develops the necessary implementation tasks, always according to the clients´ approval.


Energy Supply Planning

REPLACE carefully evaluates each customer´s unit energy demand, alternatives for energy supply, forecasted regulatory modifications, projected energy tariffs and prices and other costs involved, determining alternative scenarios for the strategy to be adopted so as to ensure competitive costs. At the end of the planning process, REPLACE designs the solutions that will determine the energy supply strategies to be adopted on the short, medium and long terms, setting goals for the coming years, taking into account the general company strategy. When changes occur on customers´ needs, market conditions, regulatory framework or other situations that significantly affect the scenario initially considered on the energy planning, REPLACE also adjusts the original plan periodically, as needed.


Energy Chamber (CCEE) Representation

Free market energy consumers and power generators must be CCEE Agents and comply with its rules and procedures. Replace represents its customers at the Energy Chamber, performing all necessary paper work and ensuring compliance at all CCEE obligations. REPLACE´s work ranges from the customer´s unit first sign-in as a Chamber member including the modeling process, to the registration and validation of energy contracts, as well as the financial settlement process follow up.


Energy Trade Support

REPLACE´s team supports the entire energy souring or selling process. In order to meet each customer needs, we identify the best opportunities for our customers to either source or sell energy, within both energy free or regulated markets, offering all support at the strategy definition process for the contracts negotiation.

Our Contacts


R. Alcides Ricardini Neves, 12 – cj 218
São Paulo – SP – Brasil


+55 (11) 5505-6637